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The latest expansion of POE, Delirium, has been officially released a week ago and has landed on platforms such as PS4 and Xbox One. With the arrival of new expansion, players will usher in richer character customization and more new types of monsters. Of course, players can get unique loot after killing these horrible monsters, provided they join the new Delirium Challenge League. For the old players who have many years of gaming experience, this is not a big problem. Whenever a new extension is released, they can always get builds that are POE Currency suitable for them, and collect alternative and better POE Items according to their needs And skill gems. But the new expansion of POE will also attract some beginners, and successfully passing the early stages of the game is a huge postgraduate entrance exam for them. This guide recommends some builds that are perfect for these beginners.

Hierophant Totems

A totem is a fixed object similar to a trap. When you summon a totem at a certain location, it will repeatedly cast additional active abilities in place until it is destroyed by the monster, and the trap will automatically disappear after a certain number of detonations. Interestingly, almost all spells in POE can be cast through totems, which means you can use several different active abilities to form crazy totem combinations.

No matter the spell totem you decide to use, the Hierophant ascendency for the Templar is a great choice, allowing you to summon additional totems with even more benefits. Like trappers, totem characters are usually cheap to get items for and are effective at killing hordes of enemies or tanky bosses.

Herald of Agony

In POE, Herald is a very useful buff, and most players tend to apply this buff to their characters, which improves the efficiency of elemental damage and monster removal. The build cleverly applies the gain to the summoner, relying on the summoner to kill the enemy. In most cases, the player only needs to summon a poisonous scorpion and continuously apply the Herald buff to it, which can eventually stack up amazing poisonous damage. The main feature of this build is that you don't need to collect any rare dark gold items, only a six-slot linked armor. While 6 links can be hard to find or craft, a Tabula Rasa can suffice during leveling until you can afford to create or buy a 6 linked Bow or chest plate. Pathfinder is a good ascendency for this, granting poison proliferation and extra damage with this skill.

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