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No matter what the result play into Korea, and Syria, including uzbekistan can win in Qatar, we want to win at least group third, the first world war against Iran, absolutely beyond Lee Stempniak Jersey any mishap.Of course, we also look forward to miracle, hope the Chinese team can conquer azadi...Talked about the coming war in Iraq, "says an international team. The outside world when it comes to the fight, the most worried about, is the ability to withstand 100000 ardent azadi stadium atmosphere. In the past here, the Chinese team is almost repeatedly war defeat, even play 1 in 4, 4-0 rout. But it is understood that the national team is ready prepared for this time. The players also by various means, to understand the power of the stadium."We also want to on the race day, azadi how appearance, there will be pressure.The key is whether the team will be against possible difficulties and be well prepared.Yin Hongbo said. "but, in the present http://www.officialhurricanesproshop.com/Noah_Hanifin_Jersey this enough, really experienced azadi atmosphere of terror, is a few (only Lin gao, bowen huang and junmin hao). There is an assistant coach li3 tie3. National team in 97, ten strong match 1 in 4 defeat to Iran, he is a regular feature in the lower back. Even if the objective conditions, national internal battle for 28 azadi, is still in shock.It is known that whether the coach of the team, led by marcello lippi, or 25 international, at present the most concern, or their own reality.Such as training venues potholes, the recovery of players body state.Again, it is time to adjust.Injuries and a cold, is the team most care about.It is reported on the 25th in the evening, queue in the medical room, almost account for more than half of the team.Until close to zero, the international massage therapist at "work". In fact, it also reflects lippi for 28 games attitude: adhere to I give priority to, pays special attention to the active.According to the team, the national team training these days, it's still is given priority to with out a match and attack practice.As of 26 evening, the team in terms of tactics design, did not have too many deployment against Iran.Even before that day, the whole team is not collective view Iran video highlights."The team is productive, or give priority to with me, is China's own content, this is what the coach always requires, is to play out their own content and things on the pitch."There are international. Now, the Chinese team against Iran's operational ideas, compared with before still won't have too much change.Pressure and attack, will http://www.officialhurricanesproshop.com/Sebastian_Aho_Jersey also become the contents of tactical lippi to advocate.Requires specific game certainly exist some differences.Like, in the second half against South Korea, making the national team did for formation, but the overall style ideas firmly.Of course after arrived in Tehran, the national team has received two good news: after a truce with injury of sea and bowen huang, has been able to normal training with team. Play more hale compared to South Korea, Iran, and the style is a little strange.And internal analysis according to the national team, the opponents are very good at protracted war and the war of attrition, is a master of a 1-0 victory over.Based on this situation, although national team on the overall competition strategy, won't make too big change, but it is still possible for individual starting position, small fine-tuning.Especially in the avant-garde, which in guangzhou and changsha, had long drills "zheng yellow matchs" Evergrande combination.This bowen huang has been able to normal training, reviving or logical.In addition, the previous round Wu Xi sub appearances, is also one of the potential candidate.This position how disposal, but it's the biggest suspense. There is a forward, although the great treasure scored last round, but put pressure on tough Persian fighters, Lin gao and yuning zhang is likely to be a better choice.Especially the latter, his ability to shock and confrontation, in September last year home game against Iran were the first world war.But based on the adaptation of the squad and stability, will use yuning zhang in Teuvo Teravainen Jersey what places?Starting or indiana Jones?It's going to be lippi's topic.But no matter what, in accordance with the national team is now preparing for rhythm, this round of war in Iraq, the team refused to conservative, not the idea of holding only take 1 minute to fight

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