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EA's Madden esports ambitions show up to have actually borne fruit. The video gaming giant has disclosed that the Madden NFL 19 Bowl, the final suit in the Championship Series, Secure mut 19 coins damaged franchise viewing documents to come to be the most-viewed event in Madden's history. In some cases, it wasn't even by a little margin. The simultaneous target market peaked at 97,000 customers, or 650 percent more than for the 2018 finale, while complete view count jumped a whopping 850 percent to 2.5 million. Those aren't records for livestreaming by any type of stretch (Ninja would certainly have something to claim), yet they certainly placed Madden on the map.

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As huge as the success might be, EA made clear that conventional TV insurance coverage played a big (otherwise bigger) function. ESPN2's broadcast of the Bowl declared a complete reach of 805,000 viewers. This was a success in part as a result of where you could enjoy it, not just because there was passion. Still, it suggests that Madden has a feasible future in esports.