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Warriors are still looking forward to their coach Steve Kerr can recover. But before that, the Warriors team wanted to convey Youth Devin McCourty White Jersey a message to Kerr, "there is no way for this thing to have nothing to do with his health, here we have it." They can be nearly a week's time, a day after a training rhythm, and then quietly waiting for the arrival of opponents, of course, they are not all without a mind. Kerr's head of health still worries them. "We are looking forward to a training hall will be able to see his shadow." Assistant coach Brown told reporters. When the Warriors swept the Blazers after the game, Brown shook his head and said he had never seen such a start. (Warriors first to get 45 points to create a team record) have not seen such a team. "You will see the players in the face of the competition when they are different, they will suddenly serious up, but the team head for a second still laughing and joking, joking, but once the station to the stadium, everyone can immediately be absorbed A high degree of concentration, I do not know how they are done. But the reality made them a little disappointed http://www.patriotsnflofficialsauthentic.com/Julian-Edelman-Jersey.html. When the team came here early this morning, but found Kerr coach did not appear. "When he does not appear, you know what he is experiencing.I know he is still in pain, but whether he has not improved a little, I do not know this time, in addition to his occasional chat with him The team did not dare to open the mouth to ask him the feelings of this matter, left to the general manager Bob (Myers) to do it. "Brown said. Brown has known Kerr for many years. But after becoming a colleague, he felt as if he had a better understanding of each other. "I learned a lot from him. The most important thing is that you will know how to train a team to cultivate their habits and culture." Speaking of Brown as coach of the coaching year even more than Kerr Lasted four years. He also took James and Kobe Bryant two now and have the best players in the league, but one here, he was surprised at the team's different. Brown has come to this team for a season time. Although he said he could not see through the team, but more and more understand the reasons for his formation. "I have never asked these questions, such as how they do it, but I know that coach Kerr has established a habit and a culture here alone, and what I have to do is just to adapt and follow, And then to feel. "In an exclusive interview with Tencent, he said so. habit. This is widely believed that Kerr for the team to bring the greatest wealth. "He spent three years, the team made this way to the team and the system to establish http://www.patriotsnflofficialsauthentic.com/Brandon-Bolden-Jersey.html a perfect system and work habits.Then we follow this form to do just no matter who Presided over the overall situation, in fact, are in accordance with the process to go like. "Assistant Faisel said. So, when Durant said, "basketball this little thing simply can not be compared with the health", you can hear what he wanted to say the second half. "We have absolutely no problem here."
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According to the "Bleacher" reporter Rick Butcher revealed that the Bulls will re-put the core of the team Jimmy Butler on the shelf, but Butler's attack Red Devin McCourty Jersey on the Hornets 52 points will change the team's idea? This is impossible. So far this season, Butler debut 36.6 minutes per game, can get a career-high 25.2 points and 6.8 rebounds, in addition to 4.5 assists and get 1.7 steals in the early defeat of the Hornets in a war, Butler 24 voted 15 to become the eighth player of the season to get 50 +, but also since 1997, Jordan became the first in the Chicago United Center Arena to get 50 + Bulls players. It is worth mentioning that this is the second time to get Butler's career 50 +, January 15, 2016 reversal of 76 people in a war, Butler had a career-high 53 points. Butcher said that although the Bulls contract renewal Butler, but this does not mean http://www.patriotsnflofficialsauthentic.com/Drew-Bledsoe-Jersey.html that the team is willing to leave him as a long-term core team. According to sources, even if the Bulls and Butler signed a five-year total value of $ 95 million contract, but they are not sure around Butler building the team, a league manager said, because the Bulls early record , General Manager Foreman postponed the transaction plan, but now, the Bulls return to mediocrity, Butler has also been re-placed on the trading market. Although Butler is now at its peak, but the Bulls record is tepid, they are currently 18 wins and 18 losses ranked eighth in the East, which also made management doubt, if Chicago wants to rebuild, then Butler is For them in exchange for a number of good chips. The media said the Lakers will become Butler's chaser, for the pursuit http://www.patriotsnflofficialsauthentic.com/Tom-Brady-Jersey.html of the stars eager to Zijin Legion, they may conduct some attempt, the Lakers current advantage is that they have a group of young talent, these players are now Showing a certain talent. For them, if the team wants to succeed in the short term, to find a star may be a better choice.