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On March 30, Beijing time late, published in the official website of 2026 FIFA World Cup 48 distribution quota proposal teams of the continents, the proposed plan will be submitted to FIFA council, will be decided by all the members vote on September in May.Among them, there will be eight Asian places, for the team's foray into the World HURRlCANES Jersey Cup, this is undoubtedly a major positive.The World Cup build-up It is easy to the team's promotion finalsFrom the current month's rankings in Asia, is Asia's eighth, if from power meter, the team's much hope into the World Cup.For 12 strong Asian qualifying match, if still in accordance with, the system is now 12 strong matches before the two from each group of four foray into the World Cup, according to the strength of the national soccer team within the team in the first 4 second, compared with before taking two or for the first three are relatively easy to many., of course, this is just a guess based on current situation, I then did, format naturally, there is a big change, to adapt to the summer's World Cup finals team selection.2026 troop surge will test the current Chinese HURRlCANES Jersey football academyDistance 2018 World Cup in Russia in 2026, eight years of time, this time the national soccer team, the team will be most players will retire in 2026 World Cup qualifiers, the player will be in 93 and 97 ages when a dozen of years, and young talents of 01 ages will constantly emerging, the team's impact to the World Cup, it must be the players when the years of playing lead these young talents to shock.So the 2026 World Cup qualifier will test after the reform of Chinese football academy, nine years of time, after all, we have enough to build a romped division.Of course, if you look at the future, the inevitable is another issue - the team's coach.Lippi now has HURRlCANES Jersey a 69 - year - old age, we can't hope all of the whole Chinese football in his one person, but even if he again, don't also charge against Iran?Eventually up to play is still the players present, requires hard work must be behind the whole system of Chinese football and that have not yet met lippi to succeed strategist, hope China football after marcello lippi won't repeat the past mistakes. Down-to-earth attaches great importance to the youth is the way of Chinese football Trophy for national soccer team, is a distant dream.28 guest is negative, the team's again in a corner, the chances of China increasingly uncertain, but we never stop her pursuit of dreams.Today, the World Cup to summer, this is a rare opportunity for China, but we need to rely on the strength to fight for opportunity, rather than just HURRlCANES Jersey to say, we have to do now can only be steadfast in youth, through the change of dongfeng, training group after group of young talents, only in this way, we can tap into the World Cup, can only be one step closer to the cup
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The World Badminton Group announced the list of participants from the 30th year of the Suterman Cup. The list consisted of 30 people, including 16 athletes, Allen Iverson Jersey including Lin Dan and Fu Haifeng, as well as the new Olympic Games Champion Chen Long, the new generation of Shi Yuqi, female athletes 14 people, after the Olympic Games has been recuperating Li Xuerui also appeared in the list, the rest of the female players are all young players. Sudirman Cup was founded in 1989, is a global badminton mixed group event, two years, with the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup and called "three cups", 2017 Sudiman Cup is the first 15 Session, then there will be 32 teams participating, http://www.authenticgrizzliestore.com/Chandler_Parsons_Jersey defending champion Chinese team has won ten cups of the cup, had achieved six consecutive years, this year's Su cup, the Chinese badminton team to win seven consecutive championships. After the group has been released, the Chinese team and Thailand, Hong Kong, China with the A group. The World Badminton Association today announced the Chinese team's entry list, the list includes 30 people, men's singles, including Lin Dan, Chen Long, Shi Yuqi and Tian Houwei three generations of old and new players, including Lin Dan and Chen Long played this event several times Experienced, http://www.authenticgrizzliestore.com/Jarell_Martin_Jersey male pair lineup in Fu Haifeng, Zhang Nan such Olympic champion, it is understood that Fu Haifeng is to participate in the Soviet Cup to adhere until now, after the Soviet Union Cup may be retired, Li Junhui, Liu Yuchen, Zheng Siwei Such as the rising star will gradually carry the task. As the Rio Olympic Games, a large number of well-known women's singles and women's doubles players retired, the team is mostly young players, so the women's list is relatively weak, composed of 14 people, http://www.authenticgrizzliestore.com/Marc_Gasol_Jersey women's singles four players appeared in the name of Li Xue Rui, After the injury in the Rio Olympic Games, Li Xuerui has been in the state of treatment and recuperation, just to resume training soon, is said to be April 18 in the Chinese Masters comeback, long time, how the state is not known, Xiao Fei Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao, Chen Yufei's strength and experience are lacking, and women's doubles is all young players, in addition to the sister Luo Luo win, Luo Yu participated in the Olympic Games such a contest, the other team's contest experienced little or No, this time the Soviet Cup for them is a big test. According to past experience, this big list is only a preliminary list, there may be adjustments in the event before the official start may be reduced, http://www.authenticgrizzliestore.com/Mike_Conley_Jersey will be divided into the main lineup and the lineup to prevent accidents such as injury and other factors , Substitute players will also set off with the team. The Sultan Cup in 2017 will be held from 21 to 28 May in Gold Coast, Queensland,
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After flying to Barcelona, ??Messi silent, and soon entered the airport ride area. Fleas After flying Alex English Jersey to Barcelona, ??Messi silent, and soon entered the airport ride area. Fleas look serious, it seems bad mood. However, according to the Argentine "National newspaper" revealed that Messi was informed that he was suspended for the first time, to deny that they are in the abuse of the referee. After learning that he was banned, Messi had said in the team: "I never insult the first assistant referee, my words, is facing the air vent." Although Messi has been suspended for a, But  Argentina still filed an appeal for his ticket, Pampas Eagle hopes to cancel the remaining three suspended. Messi was heavy fines, football up and down for him Mingbu Ping. Has  http://www.authenticnuggetstore.com/Alex_English_Jersey  always been considered by FIFA unfair treatment of Suarez, Messi's experience with the same: "FIFA's punishment for Messi is completely unfair. From now on, it seems that all protests and bursts of coarse players are To be banned by them, and I think it is totally inappropriate and totally unfair. La Liga is the Real Madrid fans, but now also support Messi: "I do not agree with this punishment, we should take a look at what happened .I think Messi's words and deeds did not reach the degree of suspension, More appropriate than the ban. Chile is Argentina's rival for the World  Cup tickets, but Chile's coach Phi Phi can not stand it: "love football people, want the best players can appear on the pitch. Ban four games too much, this punishment It 's too much. look serious, it seems bad mood. However, according to the Argentine "National newspaper" revealed http://www.authenticnuggetstore.com/Alex_English_Jersey  that Messi was informed that he was suspended for the first time, to deny that they are in the abuse of the referee. After learning that he was banned, Messi had said in the team: "I never insult the first assistant referee, my words, is facing the air vent." Although Messi has been suspended for a, But Argentina still filed an appeal for his ticket, Pampas Eagle hopes to cancel the remaining three suspended. Messi was heavy fines, football up and down for him Mingbu Ping. Has always been considered by FIFA unfair treatment of Suarez, Messi's experience with the same: "FIFA's punishment for Messi is completely unfair. From now on, it seems that all protests and bursts of coarse players are To be banned by them, and I think it is totally inappropriate and totally unfair. La Liga is the Real Madrid fans, but now also support Messi: "I do not agree with this punishment, we should take a look at what happened .I think Messi's words and deeds did not reach the degree of suspension, More appropriate than the ban. Chile is Argentina's rival Allen Iverson Jersey for the World Cup tickets, but Chile's coach Phi Phi can not stand it: "love football people, want the best players can appear on the pitch. Ban four games too much, this punishment It 's too much.
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Reference to it never rains but it pours, significant errors in the war in Iraq ginger to peng was derailed "door" event.Suspected ginger to peng revealed that his wife's people through Corey Brown Jersey social platform, ginger to peng in marital infidelity kept "small three", and splashing 13 million within a short period of time.After returning from Tehran, ginger to peng public response to the matter for the first time.In the war in Iraq, nicknamed "fat bean sprouts love to eat ginger ginger ginger ginger" social http://www.panthersfootballprostore.com/daryl-worley-jersey-for-sale-c-36.html platform accounts published a lengthy, the author describes himself as ginger to peng's wife, and said in the article 2013 after the license soon found his "cheating" (ginger to peng) behavior.In addition, it also exposes the ginger to peng is "small three" 13 million bills, and two people chat. This morning the team's return from Tehran, ginger to peng said in an interview with Shanghai five-star sports channel, "I think it has severely affected my life and my football career, but anyway, because of my personal problems caused bad effect on the national team and club, here I apologize to you, an apology." For comments on the social platform, ginger to peng explained, "on my current marital status, after more than two and a half years after the http://www.panthersfootballprostore.com/derek-anderson-jersey-for-sale-c-32.html divorce, by a court in the second half of last year, we lifted the marriage relationship, property and related issues are related in the process of finishing in court and find out." Spending 13 million is true?Ginger to peng replied, "the divorce court has ruled (us) a year ago, as for the long document mentioned in the number of the club to me a bill, is not as Derek Anderson Authentic Jersey described in this paper, is to be submitted to the court. This number, from fuli since joining my entire income, is a total
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Seeing this season, Serie A title suspense has been announced, Juventus http://www.authenticcapitalshop.com/authentic-10-brett-connolly-jersey.html to complete the defending is only a matter of time sooner or later, but the old woman is not satisfied that Apennine feel satisfied, the club has begun to arrange next season's signings program. According to the "Italian football" the latest news, Juventus may be http://www.authenticcapitalshop.com/authentic-10-brett-connolly-jersey.html in the Morata body tasted the sweetness, intends to continue to watch the young man of Spain. This time, the old woman's scout intends to conduct a systematic study of the Spanish U21 national team. Next Tuesday, the Spanish U21 will be with the Italian U21 in the Rome Olympic Stadium for a friendly match, when Juventus scout will be on-site inspection. The news has also been confirmed by other media, including Italian "all sports" and "Turin Sports Daily". As for Juve scouts concerned about the key figures? "Italian football" broke the news, the old woman most concerned about the players separated three lines. Respectively, the defense line of Bellein, midfielder Arsenic and the front line of Williams. Arsenal's main right-back Bellein has long been the transfer http://www.officiallaramsauthentic.com/Todd-Gurley-Jersey.html market of steamed bun, recently on his return to the old club Barcelona news is endless, Moreover, Bellein signed a new contract with the gunman, the contract deadline has been extended to June 2023. Although Juventus is in need of fresh blood to supplement the right wing, but the purchase of the rising period of Bellein, I am afraid than the introduction of the contract with the expiration of the Barcelona Alves to pay the price is much greater. Real Madrid midfielder Arsenic in Zinedine Zidane called more open resuscitation. In addition to Juventus, many other European giants are also very interested in him. Arsenio leave the template can refer to Mora: Real Madrid can not play the main, to other clubs gold-plated. Once the fever, and then start the repurchase terms, return to the hometown. As for the front line of Williams, he and Bilbao Athletic http://www.officiallaramsauthentic.com/Tre-Mason-Jersey.htmlcontract has 50 million euros in the buyout clause. Williams has excellent physical condition and good sense, 22 years old in his 39 games this season, the game into 6 goals and 7 assists, great potential. Although already had Higuain, Di Bala and Manzukic, but the old woman still wanted to consider the depth of the front for the long-term bench.
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In the Azadi stadium, the Chinese team stubbornly resisted 45 minutes, but Authentic Alex Ovechkin Youth Jersey the second half at the beginning, the national football to  lose the ball, the loss of the ball, the Chinese team can be described as lost his wife also soldiers, Wu Xi in the defense was Shao Jiayi met, Nose bleeding can not adhere to the game was replaced, and then was taken to the hospital. It is worth mentioning that, after his fate, the Chinese team's three substitutions all run out. National football at home against South Korea, Wu Xi off the bench, he also used the body in the game to block the South Korean team will be a goal, he also became the national football to win the hero. This Authentic Andre Burakovsky Youth Jersey game against Iran, Wu Xi became the first episode. The first half of the game, Wu Xi's performance quite satisfactory, the face of Iran's sharp offensive. Wu Xi and no fatal mistakes. Lippi is also very satisfied with his performance, half he played two substitutions, one replaced Zhang Zhe, a replaced Wu Lei, which http://www.officialflamesauthentic.com/Alex_Chiasson_Jersey also reflects the role of Wu Xi in the field. However, the second half of the game has just begun, the Chinese team suffered a loss of the ball, but for the national football, the room is partial night rain, Wu Xi in the defense before the preparation of tackle, but was Shaoya kicked the face, Wu Xi painfully covered his face, through the slow motion playback can see Wu Xi's face has been blood, because they can not adhere to the game Wu Xi also replaced by Yin Hongbo. After the injury, Wu Xi was sent to the local hospital the first time, the specific injury also need to wait for further understanding.
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Beijing time at 6 am today, the World Cup South America qualifier, Chile vs. Venezuela. The http://www.officiallaramsauthentic.com/Kenny-Britt-Jersey.html game only started 5 minutes, Sanchez penalty on a wonderful free kick to help Chile get ahead of the lead. The first 4 minutes of the match, Chile in the restricted area at the top of the arc to get a direct free kick opportunity to attack the core Sanchez doing my head. The face of Venezuela 8 players composed of walls, Sanchez kicked out of the free kick over the wall, then straighten the right corner of the right corner of the goal, the ball fast, even the lens can not see where the ball, if not Venezuela goalkeeper Looked up a look at the action, do not know the ball was the original hit the door into the net. The first half of Chile 3-0 leading opponents, and Sanchez with a goal to assert that he is still the front of the national team core. After winning two consecutivehttp://www.officiallaramsauthentic.com/Kenny-Britt-Jersey.html America's Cup championships, Chile's performance in the World Cup qualifier has ups and downs, before the round of their qualifying in the South American region only ranked sixth. However, after winning the field, the Chilean national team's results reached 7 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, temporarily and Uruguay with 23 points tied for second place. Sanchez this season in Arsenal is still in excellent condition, has now scored 23 assists for the gunmen 12 times. But Sanchez and Arsenal's contract negotiations have not progressed, which has caused some impact on his mind. Last round of the World Cup qualifier Chile away 0-1 lost to Argentina, Sanchez at the end of the game very angry, fist shouting furious, and no teammates to the scene to the fans to pay tribute. And in the field of Venezuela the day before, Sanchez because of speeding by the police http://www.officialredwingsauthentic.com/authentic-10-alex-delvecchio-jersey.html deducted a driver's license, these negative news so that people worry about his game mentality. But the game Sanchez or out of the trough, a pass 1 shot to win in Chile. If Sanchez can continue to maintain such a state, I believe he can lead the Chilean direct promotion of the 2018 Russian World Cup finals.
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According to Iran's football association, China's pre-war conference should be in the noon at half past twelve.But as a result Cam Newton Authentic Jersey of dissatisfaction with the time arrangement, the Chinese team did not attend the conference on time, coach marcello lippi has not appeared in the conference. China is more than half an hour drive from the release of the hotel, at half past twelve for Iran to arrange conference, mean that the Chinese http://www.footballpanthershop.com/Cameron_Artispayne_Jersey_Cheap team lunch and lunch will be badly affected.This also caused strong protests from China.Association before the game, the Chinese team has carried on the communication on the matter with Iran, want to modify the conference time, but Iran did not give a clear answer, so lippi also have no time to participate in the conference in accordance with the relevant provisions. So far, the two sides are still in the adjustment of the conference on time.If the conference in today's absence, lippi will simple interview before on field training. Lippi afc champions in 2014 against the north, once because of unreasonable http://www.footballpanthershop.com/Charles_Johnson_Jersey_Cheap efused to attend the conference time, still so punishment by the Asian football confederation.Absent, the conference, the Asian football confederation on marcello lippi and China for punishment, is still uncertain
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No matter what the result play into Korea, and Syria, including uzbekistan can win in Qatar, we want to win at least group third, the first world war against Iran, absolutely beyond Lee Stempniak Jersey any mishap.Of course, we also look forward to miracle, hope the Chinese team can conquer azadi...Talked about the coming war in Iraq, "says an international team. The outside world when it comes to the fight, the most worried about, is the ability to withstand 100000 ardent azadi stadium atmosphere. In the past here, the Chinese team is almost repeatedly war defeat, even play 1 in 4, 4-0 rout. But it is understood that the national team is ready prepared for this time. The players also by various means, to understand the power of the stadium."We also want to on the race day, azadi how appearance, there will be pressure.The key is whether the team will be against possible difficulties and be well prepared.Yin Hongbo said. "but, in the present http://www.officialhurricanesproshop.com/Noah_Hanifin_Jersey this enough, really experienced azadi atmosphere of terror, is a few (only Lin gao, bowen huang and junmin hao). There is an assistant coach li3 tie3. National team in 97, ten strong match 1 in 4 defeat to Iran, he is a regular feature in the lower back. Even if the objective conditions, national internal battle for 28 azadi, is still in shock.It is known that whether the coach of the team, led by marcello lippi, or 25 international, at present the most concern, or their own reality.Such as training venues potholes, the recovery of players body state.Again, it is time to adjust.Injuries and a cold, is the team most care about.It is reported on the 25th in the evening, queue in the medical room, almost account for more than half of the team.Until close to zero, the international massage therapist at "work". In fact, it also reflects lippi for 28 games attitude: adhere to I give priority to, pays special attention to the active.According to the team, the national team training these days, it's still is given priority to with out a match and attack practice.As of 26 evening, the team in terms of tactics design, did not have too many deployment against Iran.Even before that day, the whole team is not collective view Iran video highlights."The team is productive, or give priority to with me, is China's own content, this is what the coach always requires, is to play out their own content and things on the pitch."There are international. Now, the Chinese team against Iran's operational ideas, compared with before still won't have too much change.Pressure and attack, will http://www.officialhurricanesproshop.com/Sebastian_Aho_Jersey also become the contents of tactical lippi to advocate.Requires specific game certainly exist some differences.Like, in the second half against South Korea, making the national team did for formation, but the overall style ideas firmly.Of course after arrived in Tehran, the national team has received two good news: after a truce with injury of sea and bowen huang, has been able to normal training with team. Play more hale compared to South Korea, Iran, and the style is a little strange.And internal analysis according to the national team, the opponents are very good at protracted war and the war of attrition, is a master of a 1-0 victory over.Based on this situation, although national team on the overall competition strategy, won't make too big change, but it is still possible for individual starting position, small fine-tuning.Especially in the avant-garde, which in guangzhou and changsha, had long drills "zheng yellow matchs" Evergrande combination.This bowen huang has been able to normal training, reviving or logical.In addition, the previous round Wu Xi sub appearances, is also one of the potential candidate.This position how disposal, but it's the biggest suspense. There is a forward, although the great treasure scored last round, but put pressure on tough Persian fighters, Lin gao and yuning zhang is likely to be a better choice.Especially the latter, his ability to shock and confrontation, in September last year home game against Iran were the first world war.But based on the adaptation of the squad and stability, will use yuning zhang in Teuvo Teravainen Jersey what places?Starting or indiana Jones?It's going to be lippi's topic.But no matter what, in accordance with the national team is now preparing for rhythm, this round of war in Iraq, the team refused to conservative, not the idea of holding only take 1 minute to fight
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"Who said that we have to keep this point? If you want to think so, maybe even a point can not get, must fight, the goal is to win ah." Came to Iran, the national team to hear "away Take a point to be able to accept the "sound, the response to the case. Indeed, want to keep is sure to keep, for the national team, this war can only continue to give a stroke. From Changsha to Tehran, the national team atmosphere is quite good. It is conceivable that this victory over South Korea has played a vital role in raising the confidence of the national team. From the staff to the coaching staff, Jason Kidd Youth Jersey and then to the players, the mood is quite good. Perhaps because of the three points to win South Korea, but also to the outside world on the national team situation is slightly optimistic. Including the media in the calculation of the time also think: if you can take back a point on the acceptable, or even lost to Iran, as long as the back to win Uz, Syria, Qatar, at least hope to fight the group Three. However, for such an "algorithm", the national team is not acceptable, or Lippi can not accept. One player said: Lippi never told us that the road to play Iran on the line, our goal is to win. Indeed, as the internationals have said, and now every game must be the best win, Lippi has been instilled in the players is every game must take three points of thinking. http://www.mavericksteamonline.com/Jose_Barea_Jersey In the 26 days of training, Lippi very rare to call the two players in the training site chatted for a long time, and the two players is the striker generals Gao Lin, Yu Dabao. From the details of the scene, Lippi first team members of the national team called together, surrounded by a circle of some of the speech, then we spread to pass the ball training. And then Lippi deliberately let the Italian translation of the move when the big treasure, Gao Lin two pulled over, http://www.mavericksteamonline.com/Nerlens_Noel_Jersey four people on the edge of the field for a few minutes of communication. In the exchange, Lippi non-stop gestures for the speech, apparently also for some of the details of the attack to the two face machine should be appropriate. Yu Dabao in the game goals, confidence and status of superb, if not accident, there may be playing opportunities. Gao Lin in the last one was Lippi snow, and my heart is also holding a strong want to battle the enemy. http://www.mavericksteamonline.com/Steve_Nash_Jersey Moreover, the Chinese team once in 2009 1-0 victory over Iran, that is, Gao Lin's goal to break the years of numerous victories. Another point to Gao Lin's body in the fight against the Iranian defender, may be able to prevail more than Wu Lei. Therefore, the game does not rule out the possibility of Gao Lin starting. National team tactics of this war is definitely not too conservative.
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