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As Blizzard's most successful MMORPG, World of Warcraft has a large number of loyal players around the world. In the game, players find companions and team up to Buy WOW Classic Gold complete tasks on the way to upgrade. Those adventurous players often like to explore mysterious and dangerous dungeons. However, it is always boring to repeatedly explore the dungeon and complete the mission, so many players like to participate in an intense PvP battle in their free time.

For more than a decade, there have been more PvP fans in World of Warcraft, who are focusing on using various techniques to win in battles with other players. But there is a serious problem in the game-the number of players in the Horde and the Alliance is very imbalanced, and the population of the Horde in almost all servers is far more than the Alliance. This situation caused many league players to spend a long time in line before participating in the PvP battlefield, and sometimes they spent even longer than the battle time, which made many players dissatisfied.

Blizzard decided to use the 6.2.2 patch to solve the problem of excessively long queues, and for the first time added a hired Warcraft to the PvP battlefield. Simply put, if your faction has a longer queue due to too few people, the system will select some agents from the opposite faction to join your base to balance the team size. According to a post published by Blizzard in the World of Warcraft official community, the introduction of this mechanism will reduce the queue time of PvP battlefields by at least half. It is worth noting that if you become a mercenary in the PvP battlefield and join opposing factions to fight, you will receive the same honors and experience rewards as you originally did, but you will not be able to complete those achievements that are exclusive to opposing factions.

Before that, each race in World of Warcraft had a different language, and different races in the faction needed to learn language proficiency to communicate. Players between the Horde and the Alliance cannot communicate. If you want to speak to a player of an opposing faction, your sentence will be converted into an unclear string in the other party's chat interface. The most important thing is that you should prepare a lot of World of Warcraft Classic Gold. If you think farming gold is boring, you can buy it from third party sites. I think MMOWTS will be your best choice, just visit and buy cheap WOW Classic Gold!

The hire mode provides players with the opportunity to explore other ethnic cultures. When your character becomes a mercenary on the PvP battlefield, you will automatically master the corresponding ethnic language.

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