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According to the information released by Blizzard on the World of Warcraft official website, players are likely to get an upgraded version of the blood elves in the near future.

In order to make World of Warcraft better adapt to Buy WOW Classic Gold the new expansion: Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard's development team will upgrade the overall visual effects of the game in stages. Recently, Blizzard revealed the progress of the visual update of the blood elves on the official website. Players can also view related content on the Battle net's blog, including new versions of male and female blood elves. According to the developers, they are very satisfied with this visual aesthetic upgrade, which will facilitate their next step.

Dusty Nolting is one of the main artists responsible for visual improvement. He elaborated his views on the promotion of female blood elves. He believes that the blood elf race needs more subtle than obvious improvements, so the development team added more small but meaningful changes to the design of the female blood elf, so as not to lose the essence of the race. This is mainly reflected in the details of the nose shape and fingertips of female blood elves. Although these parts do not seem obvious, it is very challenging to improve them.

The senior artist Joe Keller is usually responsible for the appearance of male blood elf. He believes that this old version from the male blood elf model is sufficiently unique, as well as easy to recognize standing posture and trendy hairstyle are an easy task to impress players. So on this visual upgrade plan, the principle work is to change its appearance and its iconic features. When you encounter difficulties in World of Warcraft, WoW Classic Gold can help you a lot, because you can use WoW Classic Gold to buy a lot of items in the game. If you want to get a lot of WoW Classic Gold in a short period of time, I recommend you a trusted website - MMOWTS, where you can buy WoW Classic Gold.

While Blizzard has never provided a certain timeframe when these models should go live, the corporation has stated that it's "focusing on model and texture variations, and also rigging and animating" and hopes release a the updated visual look soon.

Most races in World of Warcraft received a visual upgrade from the lead-up on the launch on the Warlords of Draenor expansion. After the Blood Elves, the Goblin and Worgen races will still be due for visual change.

Warlords of Draenor launched earlier this year, hitting millions of active World of Warcraft Classic Gold subscribers within twenty four hours of release. The game was beset with server issues at launch, that Blizzard responded by allocating extra game time for you to active subscribers as compensation.

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