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Recently, ARPG enthusiasts and loyal players worldwide have been attracted by a video. This is a new trailer released on YouTube by Grinding Gear Games, the developer of Path of Exile, showing some of the Delirium expansion's game content. This means that POE PC players can complete the game update and experience the latest game content as early as March 13. And PS4 and Xbox One players are expected to usher in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of POE on March 18.

As early as a few months ago at ExileCon, Grinding Gear announced plans to introduce new expansions for POE in the first quarter of 2020. According to Buy POE Items co-founder Chris Wilson, players can not only get new challenge leagues in expansion, but also further expand complex passive skill trees with the new Cluster Jewel system. New Active Skill Gems and Support Gems allow players to research more interesting builds. In addition, POE's item system and Atlas endgame content will also be improved in this extension.

The development team has also modified the original monster modifiers in the expansion, which makes them even more deadly. New bosses and horrible demons will lurk among ordinary monsters, ready to cause a fatal blow to players at any time. Along with the difficulty, there are rewards. The stronger the enemy you kill, the greater your chance of getting better loot.

The core mechanism of this extension is the Mirror of Delirium, which is a new map state that will be randomly scattered around your current map. If you encounter the Mirror of Delirium during your adventure, you will not miss it because it looks like a very conspicuous silver mirror. Manipulate your character to interact with it, and you can challenge unprecedented scary monsters in the thick fog. You can also make Delirium Orb and use it in the POE Trade map to further increase the difficulty of the challenge and get better rewards. Players can use the Delirium Orb up to five times in an area. Players who successfully challenge will receive the final reward.

New trophies include Cluster Jewels, which are clustered gems that are placed into slots in the passive skill tree. It does not allow your character to gain new active abilities, but it can make your character stronger, Cluster Jewels let you grow your own passive tree with craftable mods and by adding one of 280 new notables. Players can even graft additional sockets for deeper nesting.

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