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There is a number of useful apps on Google Play that is useful for users in a particular manner that they are designed for but there are loads of apps there that are of no use. Google policies are liberated when comes to uploading any kind of application. So some developers just take advantages of those policies and create an app with no efforts and upload it to the app store. Some such apps are a pool of advertisements which are annoying and if you used one of those apps, game review you certainly made a fool of yourself.

Here is the list of some apps that you can find on Google Play which are basically useless or just entertain us in a weird way. So here we go:-

Fake Chat with Girlfriend: apk hack Fake conversations: Apps like this are designed for lonely people and Apkx (Mcsofswf.Com) developed by people living in isolation with no touch with human female or whatsoever. This app creates an illusion of having a girlfriend.

Kissing Test - Kiss Simulator: Another creepy app in the list and you can find a number of apps similar to this one. With this app, you can surprisingly know that how good you are at kissing. This app is nothing but a joke, which gives fake statics and fills the hearts of user with emotion.

Shower Simulator: An app that claims that with this you can solve the water problems around the globe and can save the lives of baby seals. This by far is the most useless app when you click on the screen very low-resolution droplets appear on the screen.

Fan Cooler: Another breathtaking app which promises to give you chills in hot summers. Just click on the button and fan will start moving, but unfortunately, a virtual fan cannot give you a cool breeze. Sorry to all those guys who downloaded this app or similar apps like this?

Toilet Paper: APK This is the best out of all. Why? Because unlike other similar apps in this category, it not free you have to pay for it. In the description, developers said, "A cheap roll of toilet paper, handy and always useful."

In a way, these apps are very humorous and satisfactory to a certain group of people but we can't deny the fact that they are just a waste of time. It makes sense now that not everything is perfect in this world.

Shubham Dubey is a tech blogger which pursue the experience of about 10 years in the tech field and mobile apps also he is a manager at Geek Squad Plus Technology. To know more about him you can track him athp com setup Geek Squad Plus Pvt. Ltd. based in Noida.

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