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In order to protect the identity of the users, Yahoo verifies the identity of the users so that someone may not have illegal access to the Yahoo mail of others. In order to make sure that the users do not have illegal access to the Yahoo mail or some person is trying out hacking attempts on your account Yahoo offers the option to verify your account with the verification code. The option to enter the Yahoo verification code adds an extra layer of security to your device. There are certain scenarios when you need to verify your account. Before going into the details to fix the problem encountered with your verification code, you need to know the circumstances when you have to verify the Yahoo account.

 You have to verify your Yahoo account in these conditions:

1. When checking into the Yahoo mail from an unknown device

2. Logging in to Yahoo account after having cleared the web browser’s cache and cookies

3. Logging into the Yahoo account from unknown location

4. Changing the Yahoo password

5. Resetting your Yahoo password

6. After too many unsuccessful login attempts

7. While sending emails containing links

In these cases, you need to verify your Yahoo account. This can be done by entering the code received in the recovery Email or phone number. In some cases, you may not be able to receive the verification code. In order to fix this problem, you need to go through these steps to fix the problem. Otherwise, You can contact Our Yahoo Mail Password Recovery team.

For Yahoo verification code in recovery Email, you need to perform these actions.

1. Check if you have entered the correct alternate Email address.

2. Go to your Email address and check if you can find it in some other folder like spam.

3. If you have blocked the Email address from Yahoo, unblock it and submit the request again.

4. Remove any conflicting programs.

For receiving the verification code in a phone, perform these actions:

1. Check if you have the proper settings to receive SMS.

2. Remove the number from the Block list if you have not done so.

3. Check if your service provider allows access to receive messages from Yahoo.

These help you fix the problems that result in the verification code issues with your Yahoo mail. If the issue is not fixed, you can request support from Yahoo technicians. Give a call to the Yahoo Technical Support Number and then the problem can be fixed instantly. This helpline number can be consulted for other Yahoo related problems as well.

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