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Pastor Jim Wallis claims that America is not a Christian nation and that's it's never been a Christian nation. Surprise! Apparently, 'In God We Trust', the 'Pledge of Allegiance', American presidents swearing to uph christian louboutin shoes old the Constitution via hand on the bible, et cetera, doesn't equal a Christian nation. The framers and founders of this great republic might disagree with the comments from Wallis. The fight over the intentions of th christian louboutin discount Cheap Christian Louboutin for sale e founding fathers has been particularly aggressive over the past several years.

Pastor Wallis is the founder of Sojourners magazine, an activist, a writer, and an evangelical Christian who is often descri.ed as christian louboutin woman a progressive evangelical. He is President Obama's 'faith adviser' and a big supporter of 'social justice'. When he was younger, he got involved with Students for a Democratic Society, a group started by members of Christian Louboutin Pumps the cheap christian louboutin shoes Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group co-founded by Obama pal, Bill Ayers. Wallis has been arrested for civil disobedience 22 times. He has accepted money for Sojourners from philanthropist George Soros who Cheap Christian Louboutin for sale funds numerous leftist interests and has said he hopes for the decline of the American dollar. In other words, Wallis fits right in at the White House.

Since 78% of American's identify themselves as Christian Louboutin Sandals Christian', christian louboutin boots perhaps America could be called a nation 'mostly populated' by Christians? It's doubtful that would satisfy Wallis and friends. Wallis has very strong leftist views, like supporting the Occupy movement, and any religio christian louboutin woman us views different from his do not fit the agenda. Right now, while the fight for religious freedom is reaching epic proportions, many Americans are alarmed by the quick rise to power. These people want to chang the s christian louboutin woman tructure of the country and have already succeeded in erasing an abundance of its history in text books and more. Changes in things like tolerance are good for the nation, lies about its history are not.

The Blaz christian louboutin woman e says that Jim Wallis made other incendiary comments about America during an interview that will air nationwide at 'Lifetree Caf locations. 'Lifetree Cafe' is actually the name of meetings held at various churches.

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