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How To Plan Immigration Visa For A Fiancé In UK

Immigration services and offices help in getting a Fiance visa in UK for engaged couples and people who are planning to marry in the near future. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria of the fiancé visa, you can get the visa without any problem. Anyone who wants to get the visa must check its requirements and eligibility criteria and see if they are eligible to get the visa or not. It is important to take advice and help of a professional who can guide you in the process of getting a visa stress-free way. Immigration advisors and lawyers are available for filling the application form of the visa and solving the problems that come in the way of acquiring a visa for fiancé.

UK residents can call their fiancé living in other countries to live with them under a fiancé visa but must marry them within a period of 6 months. The fiancé visa is granted for only six months and once you get married in this duration, you should get a spouse visa. A spouse visa extends the duration of staying with a partner further and allows you to live with a spouse for 30 months' time. 


If the spouse visa is about to expire and you want to settle in the country, you should apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain visa. It gives you a right to live as long you want without limitations on the duration of staying. Know the conditions and requirements of getting this visa from an immigration office. Check the eligibility criteria and submit the visa application. If there is any problem in getting the indefinite leave visa, consult an immigration advisor.

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